Experience the true
power of Mobile Advertising

CashOnAd displays ads on smartphones of target
consumers at precisely the right moments helping
your brand connect with your audience on the go.
Real time reporting and analytics coupled with
customizable campaign and budget solutions
means you’re always in charge of your campaign.

Multiple possibilities

Engage your audience with short and meaningful
video ads that are played on each incoming call.
Or simply display your ads as interactive wallpapers.
Or better still, why not broadcast you
ads at the time of your choosing?

Get the App. Get Rewarded.

CashOnAd rewards users with redeemable cash
incentives for every ad they engage in. Answer a call
after viewing a video ad for at least 6 seconds.
Or simply wake your phone and unlock it.
When you’ve collected enough credit,
select a payment option with a simple check out.

  • CashOnAd is an innovative approach to advertising in the new age. By displaying video ads and interactive wallpaper ads on a user’s mobile phone, this first of its kind technology helps to connect brands with a targeted and relevant audience at moments that matter the most.