About CashOnAd

What is CashOnAd?

CashOnAd is an Android Mobile Application which plays video advertisement on each incoming call.
Upon receiving the call after viewing 6 seconds of advertisements, the customer will be benefitted with some amount in their CashOnAd account. After reaching the minimum fund threshold amount, customers can withdraw their balance via Paypal or their preferred payment gateways.

How to be CashOnAd user?

First install the CashOnAd to your Android mobile. There are two way to login CashOnAd Applications and they are as follows:
  1. Using your facebook account
  2. Using your email address

Do all of mobile user can use CashOnAd service?

No, Currently CashOnAd service is only available for Android mobile users.

Will I be charged for using CashOnAd services?

  • No, CashOnAd is absolutely free to download and use for anyone.

How can i download CashOnAd?

You can get CashOnAd from Google Play Store.
Please click here to get CashOnAd

How to get CashOnAd for iPhone or Windows?

CashOnAd is available for Android only at this instance.

How CashOnAd works?

After installing CashOnAd for Google Play Store, you need to register in CashOnAd.
You can register to CashOnAd via facebook or by filling up the "Registration" form. Once, you are registered, CashOnAd will download advertisements from its server to your mobile and those advertisements will be played on each incoming calls.If the call is received after viewing the ad for 6 seconds, some amount will be credited in your CashOnAd account which can be transferred to supported payment gateways.

Can we use CashOnAd service all over the world?

Yes, if you are Android user than you can use CashOnAd service all over the world.

How can we get the CashOnAd balance?

  1. First you need to complete your profile.
  2. To collect money to eSewa a/c, please open app, go to checkout tab, select eSewa, amount and checkout.
  3. It will take some days to verify your account, after being verified your amount will success fully added to your eSewa account.

How to complete the profile?

To complete profile, click the settings button, the click ‘Edit Profile’.

About Esewa

What is eSewa?

eSewa is a payment gateway for Nepal through which you can checkout your balance from CashOnAd.

Do i need eSewa account for CashOnAd balance checkout?

Yes, if you are in Nepal, then you will need an eSewa account to transfer your CashOnAd balance.

Is there any alternative way to get CashOnAd Balance? What can I do that amount?

Currently you can transfer the amount to eSewa account only. From which you can buy recharge cards, pay utility bills, NEA and Khanepani bills buy cinemas, Air tickets and Manakamana Darshan ticket etc. For more details please login at www.esewa.com.np

How could I make the eSewa id?

Following are the two alternative way to have eSewa id:
i. Just type Reg and send it to 2121 from mobile or
ii. You can register through online too. Just type www.esewa.com.np and create an account just like as your Facebook account on web.
For more details please visit at www.esewa.com.np


No video is played.

The adverstisement is not downloaded in your  mobile. Please connect to internet for some time or open your app click on "Sync" from Settings.

Video plays sometime and sometime it does not.

Quota of advertisement on your mobile may be finished. So, advertisement is not playing.

Forgot the password

  1. User who have register though email addresss
  • Just type the www.cashonad.com , go to Login and click the forget password. Type you username and submit it after that login to your email id and click the password reset link. After that you can reset the password.
    2. User who have register though Facebook.
  • Please go to your App Settings -> Clear Data. Once, the data is cleared, please open your CashOnAd app and login using your facebook again. But, please be sure that you have updated your facebook app on your android (in case you have facebook app installed)

Cannot log in via facebook

  • If you have facebook app in your phone, please update your facebook app first.
  • If you do not have facebook app in your phone, and still cannot log in using your facebook account, there might be some connectivity issue. Please ensure that you are able to view facebook from your browser.
  • If you already registered to CashOnAd using the same facebook account, your account could have been inactive. Please inform us in such cases.

Fund Transfer

How can I check out the amount?

Go to CheckOut Tab, select eSewa and you need to put eSewa id {i.e. 98XXXXXXXX (mobile number) or cashonad@gmail.com (email id)} and Click on Checkout. The funds will be deposited in your eSewa account after being verified.

How long does it take to check out the amount?

It takes working 2 weeks for balance checkout process to complete. However, if the account is under review it may take little bit more time than usually.

When I checkout it says "A checkout request is already pending". Why?

You have already submitted a balance checkout process which have not yet been processed.
You are not allowed to perform check out process more than once parallely.

Its already been 2 business weeks but I haven't received any amount in my eSewa account.Why?

CashOnAd randomly selects some users for account verification. Verification process includes advertisement verification, call timing verification, user verification or any other kind of suspicious activities. So, it may take some time. Once, the system verifies the user and data, users will be paid.

I have a verified eSewa account. Why is my account under review?

Account on eSewa and account on CashOnAd is two different things. Verified eSewa account is required for balance transfer where as account review in CashOnAd means verification of call timing, ad play time or any other kind of suspicious activity. So, verified eSewa account doesn't mean verified CashOnAd account.

If you have any queries regarding CashOnAd please feel free to contact CashOnAd or email at info@cashonad.com